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Dec 9, 2013 8:00am EST
yahoo!. number eight is continental resources. downgrading the energy company, from hold to buy. >> at number seven, morgan the companyaded kraft food from overweight to equal weight. >> number six, given imaging. it will be acquired by company up for $360 million. expect to close that deal by march 31 big >> number five, mosaic. mosaic saying the move represents a major goal towards its goal of more efficient balance sheets. disney, paring with paramount for a marketing deal. other wall street firms are being investigated according to scandals that are aimed reported here. the investigation is whether jpmorgan violated anti-bribery loss. after syscomping agreed to buy u.s. food for 300 -- $3.5 billion. >> the number one stock, mcdonald's. sales dropped for the fifth straight month in november. chicago therom author and founder of average joe options. i am curious what you made of friday's move where we had these really surprising down numbers and the markets went up. is that a break here in psychology? >> good morning buddy, good morning cory. perceived aser was good. when you
Dec 6, 2013 8:00am EST
. let's start with the jobs report. what do they need for energy prices? >> it is a matter of perception. the economy seems to be doing well. the stockmarket is strong. you will see a higher price in oil. it is on a sympathetic basis. i do not know how long that will hold. i go back to the old fundamentals of supply and demand. is that we feeling are on the upside. there is an optimism. >> in that chart, it shows a big swing. futures traded within a 99% range. why such a muted range after this report? >> we were trading on different criteria here. we are still trading on reports that came out a few days ago. that is what we're basing it on. we had a nice strong in crude oil. showede and heating oil a little weakness in comparison. today, we are rebounding a little bit and the market is holding. crude oil is up as high as you can imagine in the technical range. we are trading up to $90. that is exceeding what i had predicted. that you are watching a couple of spreads. isl me which one you think most important in determining the direction of crude. months,he last six gasoline is
Dec 5, 2013 8:00am EST
be an energy. julie has been looking at the supply and demand issues with energy. bloombergm at industries has been looking at this their case -- bear case. it is not bode to offer prices. if you look at a number of different sources -- supply and great and demand in green, the estimates going forward in 2014 etc. he iea, opec, it looks like supply could outstrip demand. points to a little bit of a faltering in the chinese economy, which accounts global demand, as well as an abatement of the geopolitical risks that have been propping up oil prices this year. >> is that something you are pricing in? >> we take that into consideration but edge is a long-term investor and we are focused on this move towards energy independence in the u.s. there are opportunities to be at in this space. it has been underperforming because of the supply and demand issues. we use that as a buying opportunity. >> jill, thank you for joining us. coming up, bloomberg has uncovered a hidden billionaire. haulhead of you all -- u- has paid a heavy price for his fortune. i'm sure most people here have used a
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3